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Nadine Evans Mortgage Agent

Nadine Evans

Mortgage Agent

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Brantford, ON

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I am Nadine and an advocate for living your best life.  I have chased and realized my dreams, the ups...the downs and everything in between!  For me, home ownership has allowed me to pursue opportunities that may have otherwise been out of my reach.   It has been the helping hand when I needed it and above all else has been a sanctuary for myself and my family throughout the years.  Here is how home ownership influenced my life!

Life Change #1 - Financed with Home Equity

What you should know about my professional career is that it has been varied!  I worked abroad for years as a corporate executive in brand loyalty marketing culminating in the General Manager role.  One day I realized that I was missing out on time with the most important people in my life and decided to change it up.  Packing our bags we headed home to Canada.  Our home equity allowed us to make the life change.  You should also know I bought my house in Canada sight unseen!  Location, location, location!

Life Change #2 - Financed with Home Equity

I took a year off, went back to school and became a mortgage broker.  My love for finances and helping people all wrapped up in one career!  How lucky was I!?!  Financed with home equity, paid back with a new career!

Life Change #3 - Financed with Home Equity

I realized I was more than a "little cheesy" when I founded The Tipperary Bog Fine Cheese Shop 11 years ago!  It is a small business success story built on great cheese, great service and great relationships.  Again, home equity has helped me pivot and grow throughout the years when I needed it.

I hope that by sharing my story you will see that home ownership is more than just owning a piece of property!  If you need a mortgage champion in your life please give me a call (519-771-9174) or shoot me an email at